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robust lift & sliding system Alumil S560
S560 is a robust lift & sliding system that provides high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and is ideal for large openings.

S560 offers flexibility given that it helps building windows & doors for small or very large spans. It offers quality constructions because of the profiles’ stiffness and enables both internal and external "framing" for a stronger connection of the profiles.
•   Sash depth: 56mm
•   Smooth and easy sliding thanks to inox rails
•   Lift & sliding mechanism for sashes of 90, 150 & 300 Kg
•   Optional multi-locking mechanism can be installed
•   High level of thermal insulation: Uf from 2,2 to 4,6 W/m²K
•   Covers all typologies of sliding systems


•    Frame width: 128 mm
•    Sash width: 56 mm
•    Minimum visible height of construction: 122,5 mm
•    Frame height (rail): 45 mm
•    Sash height: 86 mm
•    Sash mechanism weight limit: 90,150 and 300 Kg
•    Maximum glass thickness: From 24 to 38mm
•    Cross section thickness: up to 2 mm


•    Type of system: Insulated
•    Uf: from 2,2 to 4,6 W/m²K
•    Exterior aesthetics: Flat
•    Sliding Type: Slide
•    Type of thermal insulation: 24mm polyamide into the frame, 16-24 mm into the sash
•    Mechanism: GU 939, 937, 934


•    Double and triple horizontal sliding sash
•    Four sash horizontal meeting stile sliding doors
•    Sliding doors with fixed lights
•    Sliding doors with fixed lights right & left and uplifting sash in the middle

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