1. What is thermal insulation? The Value of Heat Insulation - Saving energy by 30%

World climate is being affected by human intervention since the extraction and consumption of raw materials has being going on unchecked for too long. The cost of non-renewable energy sources is rising daily, thus influencing electricity cost. However, there is a way we can help lower the green house effect, stabilize the national economy, and save money.

Just by using heat insulated window frames, everyone can contribute to the above objectives (since households consume their highest energy levels for heating and refrigerating).

By choosing aluminium window and door systems with thermal breaks, we use a 100 % recyclable material which is the third most abundant element in nature.

Also, by using thermal breaks and double insulated glazing on windows, the cost for heating and cooling will decrease.

According to studies, the use of aluminium frame with "thermal brake" decreases the loss of heat up to 30% compared to a simple frame, thus resulting in 20% savings on the electricity bill.

2. What is thermal break insulation?

The heat insulation characteristics of a frame are determined, not only by its ability to prevent the passage of warm or cold air through its articulations (attribute that is reported as air tightness), but also by its ability to prevent the diffusion of heat by the materials from which it is manufactured.

An aluminium profile is characterized as having a thermal brake, when the internal and exterior parts are separated with the interjection of special type of material (reinforced polyamide) of different texture that is characterized by low prices of thermical conductivity.

This type of profile prevents the direct transfer of heat or cold, between internal and external environment.

3. Which are the key issues to be considered while installing a window frame?

  • Galvanized or stainless steel screws should be used
  • Any false frame used should be galvanized
  • In thermal brake aluminium systems the use of false frames is not recommended. In that case, window installation should be placed on plastic spacers or special tires
  • Any gap remaining between frame and wall construction (of false frames), should be filled and appropriately insulated

4. How to maintain a window frame ?

  • Aluminium window frames need minimum maintenance. A monthly cleaning of frames and especially the points between the connections (corners) is sufficient
  • Cleaning can be done by using a soft cloth, water and sponge. Once a month you may clean the exterior frame surface
  • Cleaning frequency is related to the region's prevailing climatic conditions (regions near water need more frequent frames cleaning)
  • Avoid the use of chloride or other acid soap, and do not use sharp objects for removing dirt
  • Use simple lubricants

If a problem presents, please communicate with your aluminium fabricator for assistance

5. What does a frame is supposed to offer?

  • Protection from the exterior environment:
    b. Sound
    c. Air
    d. Rain and snow
    e. Dust
  • Safety Room
  • Ventilation
  • Easy entrance and diffusion of natural lighting
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Resistance against weather conditions and erosion    
  • Visibility
  • Functionality
  • Extended life duration