Alumil architectural systems (doors, windows) are complemented by a wide range of special products, which follow the high standards of the company as well. The complementary products cover all needs and offer complete solutions to customers, and at the same time they add value to the final construction.

Rolling shutters

New generation of energy dampers in accordance with the technology up-to-date, with various innovations and highly functional efficiency. A full range of solutions is offered (top-mounted or external, single or insulating, in straight or curved) lines covering all special needs. It characterized by extreme robustness, tightness and anti-burglar attributes, and ideal for large openings.

Insect screens

Solar Shadings

The increasing importance of shading in architecture in conjunction with new trends for metal buildings, created the need to design new facades and therefore new products.
The sunscreen systems confer fashionable external appearance in each building and are an alternative to bio-climatic lighting and protection from overheating of buildings. The shutters have a variety of sizes and there is a choice between fixed and movable blind. Their placement in the appropriate leaning and with the proper time maximizes the benefits they offer.Solar Shadings

Folding doors

Folding doors (i.e. accordion type) are ideal for dividing large areas and openings in business spaces, where there are specific requirements for flexible spacing with movable partitions (offices, showrooms, restaurants, entertaining areas, etc).

They offer solutions with a large number of sheets, without particular constraints on dimensions and with smooth scrolling, while occupying the minimum space.


Building envelopes

Thanks to high technical expertise and experience of the department Research and Development, Alumil has two systems for Building envelope:

•    the composite panels J-Bond and
•    the exterior covering system (Cladding)

which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide.



Alumil has integrated railing systems in simple and modern lines, which are the ideal solution for internal and exterior spaces, balconies, stairs and fences.


Alumil has designed and offers exceptionally stylish partition systems which help to create uniform and modern interiors.

Window Sills