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porte scorrevoli alumil S350
is a new approach in sliding systems in full accordance with the modern architectural trends for soft and straight lines and considerably less visible aluminium frame.

High levels of thermal insulation combined with a great variety of innovative design solutions, make S350 the ideal solution for building modern residences as well as for frames replacements.

•   Innovative design and minimal aesthetics
•   Soft, straight lines and up to 50% reduction of the visible aluminium frame
•   Profile sturdiness and strength that easily cover the most demanding customers’ requirements
•   Undoubted construction flexibility and ease
•   High level of thermal insulation and outstanding quality
•   Unique performance in water/air tightness in its category
•   Ideal solution for frames replacements.


•    Frame width: 92 mm
•    Sash width: 35 mm
•    Minimum visible height of construction: 116,1 mm
•    Sash mechanism weight limit: 120 Kg
•    Maximum glass thickness: 24 mm
•    Cross section thickness: up to 1,6


•    Type of system: Insulated
•    Uf: From 2,9 W/m²K
•    Exterior aesthetics: Flat
•    Sliding Type: Slide
•    Type of thermal insulation: 24 mm polyamide
•    Mechanism: GU 939


•    Double horizontal sliding sash
•    Triple horizontal sliding sash
•    Two double horizontal sliding sashes with meeting point
•    Corner construction with doublehorizontal sliding sas
•    Corner construction with sliding sash into wall cavit
•    Single sliding sash into wall cavit
•    Double sliding sash into wall cavity with meeting point
•    One sash sliding door with fixed panel


Thermal Insulation
IFT Rosenheim

Air permeability – Watertightness – Resistance to wind load –  Functional check
IFT Rosenheim

Sound reduction

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