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is a sliding aluminium system with low weight profiles and curved shape.

•   32 mm sash width
•   Supports single or double glazing up to 20 mm thickness and sash weight up to 75 Kg
•   Different designs and typologies available
•   Optional stainless steel rails offering smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes
•   Sash profile with embodied handle also available
•   Possibility to combine this system with the opening system Alumil M9400


•    Frame width: 72,1 mm
•    Sash width: 32 mm
•    Minimum visible height of construction: 85,5 mm
•    Sash mechanism weight limit: 75 Kg
•    Maximum glass thickness: 20 mm
•    Cross section thickness: up to 1,5


•    Type of system: Uninsulated
•    Uf: 6,41 W/m²K
•    Exterior aesthetics: Curved, Sliding Type, Slide
•    Type of thermal insulation: -
•    Mechanism: GU Inline
•    Typologies: Double horizontal sliding sash, Triple horizontal sliding sash, Two double horizontal sliding sashes with meeting point, Corner construction with , doublehorizontal sliding sash, Corner construction with sliding sash into wall cavity, Single sliding sash into wall cavity, Double sliding sash into wall cavity with meeting point


Air permeability – Watertightness – Resistance to wind load

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