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complete non thermal-break system for sliding doors and windows M14000
is a complete non thermal-break system for sliding doors and windows, with a large variety of profiles.

Among other features, special design can be achieved thanks to 90o cuttings and by minimizing the visible aluminium frame of the interlocking profile.

•   38 mm sash width
•   Stainless steel rails offering smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes
•   Suitable for any typology of sliding doors and windows which can also be combined with sliding shutters or/and fly screens
•   Pocket doors also available
•   Multipoint locking hardware for a higher security level
•   Interlocking face width profile of only 27 mm for maximum visibility for double sash


•    Frame width: 92 mm
•    Sash width: 38 mm
•    Minimum visible height of construction: 111,8 mm
•    Sash mechanism weight limit: 120 Kg
•    Maximum glass thickness: 26 mm
•    Cross section thickness: up to 1,5


•    Type of system: Uninsulated
•    Uf: 6,76 W/m²K
•    Exterior aesthetics: Curved
•    Sliding Type: Slide
•    Type of thermal insulation: -
•    Mechanism: GU Inline


•    Double horizontal sliding sash
•    Triple horizontal sliding sash
•    Two double horizontal sliding sashes with meeting point
•    Corner construction with doublehorizontal sliding sash
•    Corner construction with sliding sash into wall cavity
•    Single sliding sash into wall cavity


Air permeability – Watertightness – Resistance to wind load

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