Saving energy

Energy waste in buildings. According to statistics provided by Greenpeace in most European countries the building sector consumes more energy than the industrial and transportation sectors.

The building sector consumes around 39% of energy supply and is responsible for 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, thus being the main contributor to the green house effect and recent climatic changes.
Soon new legislation will impose standards in order to minimize energy consumption rates. As of January 2006, E.U. countries are obligated to adopt the European guidelines for energy performance regarding the building sector. According to these guidelines, buildings will be rated upon their energy performance and these ratings will be available to buyers and renters.

ALUMIL's expertise
ALUMIL's heat insulation/thermal brake aluminium systems are designed, developed and tested in the Group’s R&D Department. Afterwards, they are tested and certified by internationally accredited institutes, such as IFT ROSENHEIM Germany, A.A.M.A. (USA), INSTITUTO JORDANO (Italy), EKANAL (Greece), etc, in order to achieve the highest categories of performance based on European and International specifications.