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complete system for windows, doors, entrance doors Alumil M11500
is a complete system for windows, doors, as well as for entrance doors with a high level of thermal insulation.

Thanks to the vast range of profiles, the system can create all kind of typologies regarding hinged frames and offers the following advantages:

•   Variety of designs (softline, flat, inclined, classic) so as to create any kind of typologyUses a concealed sash for more natural lighting
•   Tilt & turn windows
not only with the standard 11mm European groove, but also with the 16 mm PVC groove for WK3 anti burglar protection
•   Creates any kind of entrance doors
•   Creates horizontal or vertical pivot windows and casement doors
•   Giving alternatives to every need of architectural design


Frame depth: 76,5 mm
Sash depth: 84 mm
Minimum visible face width: 104,2 - 137 mm
Minimum visible width (Τ-profile): 70 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit: 130kg
Glass thickness: 24 up to 64 mm
Cross section thickness: 1,4 - 2,0


•    Type of system: Insulated
•    Uf: from 1,58 to 2,12 W/m²k
•    Exterior aesthetics: Flat, Inclined, Curved, Classic
•    Glazing method: Glazing bead
•    Type of thermal insulation: 34 - 38 mm polyamide
•    Mechanism: European Groove, Pvc Groove Steel 16 mm
•    Typologies: Fixed light, Single and  double Tilt and Turn, Single and double Tilt and Turn outwards, Single-leaf entrance door inwards and outwards, Double leaf entrance door inwards and outwards, Projected outwards, Folding doors, VW, Single, double, triple and quadruple leaf hinged shutter


Air permeability – Watertightness – Resistance to wind load –  Functional check
IFT Rosenheim

Thermal insulation
IFT Rosenheim

Sound insulation
IFT Rosenheim

Air permeability – Watertightness – Resistance to wind load

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