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 insulated opening aluminium system Alumil M20650
is an insulated opening aluminium system which can combine both with European groove or PVC groove hardware.

The basic feature of this system is that the outer frame completely covers the sash frame of the window, thus concealing it (“block window”)
•   Basic depth of system 62.5 mm
•   Its unique design offers very good value for money ratio, as well as a small visible aluminium surface in harmony with the modern architectural trends
•   Sufficient thermal break zone is achieved with a glass reinforced polyamide of 24mm in the frame and also thanks to extra durable PVC double extruded glazing bead which blocks the heat transmittance.
•   Appropriate distance of 5 mm between the sash and the frame for continuous application of sealing gaskets even behind the hinges
•   Glass thickness up to 24 mm and sash weight up to 130kg


•    Frame depth: 62,5 mm
•    Sash depth: 61,6 mm
•    Minimum visible width: 76,6 mm
•    Minimum visible width (Τ-profile): 99 mm
•    Sash mechanism weight limit: 130 Kg
•    Glass thickness: 24 mm (only)
•    Cross section thickness: 1,4


•    Type of system: Insulated
•    Uf: from 2,1 W/m²K
•    Exterior aesthetics: Flat, Curved
•    Glazing method: Aluseal system
•    Type of thermal insulation: 24 mm polyamide
•    Mechanism: European Groove, Steel mechanism 16mm


•    Fixed
•    Tilt & Turn


Thermal Insulation
IFT Rosenheim

Single leaf aluminum- wood door / Tilt & Turn
Air permeability - Watertightness - Resistance to wind load

Double Sash aluminum-wood door / Tilt & Turn
Air permeability - Watertightness - Resistance to wind load

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